M'ZILLA started out as a 2001 Chrysler 300M that we purchased new
and by late 2002 modifications were getting serious with the addition
of a custom direct port nitrous system helping to provide 310 HP at the
wheels in place of the stock 175 HP.  Problem was the results were
good but inconsistent due to unreliable nitrous solenoids on an eight
solenoid system, lack of traction, and torque control problems.

Seeing plenty of potential and enjoying the development part we tore it
down and regrouped.  With new goals and more engineering support we
dropped the nitrous for a new turbocharged stroker motor, developed
chassis modifications, changed gearing, and are implementing a load
of design firsts that will see the track for the first time this year.

Thanks for visiting and check back for updates.  Like this site,
the car is still under construction but is on its way back.   We're not
sure what it'll look like at first because we haven't settled on a new paint
scheme but it will be out for track testing at Old Bridge Township
Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ looking...