Of all the shops we deal with, there are a few that have worked hands-on on  MZILLA.  The
wrenchers at those shops have been showered with welding sparks, covered with Bondo dust
and CNC aluminum filings, been up to their elbows in transmission fluid, and taken the bark off
their knuckles during many hours of skillful labor.

This page is a tribute to the master mechanics, technicians, and customizers whose skills got
us 1st place wins at the Mopar Nationals in both the Modified FWD show class and Street
Eliminator drag class; 1st place at the All-Chrysler Nationals in the 300M show class; a
Sponsor's Choice trophy at the Richmond County Mopar Club's Fall Show; 300M Enthusiasts
Club plaques for Most Performance and Most Custom; and an article in
Hemmings MUSCLE
MACHINE Magazine

Buhler Dodge:   George McLaughlin III (with us from the start) - engine swaps, diff rebuild,
   trans rebuild, brake system conversion, dash removal, cooling upgrade & more.

IDA Automotive:    Bob Ida (with us from the start) - engine management, fuel injection,
   CNC custom manifold and components, ignition, black boxing, dynoing & more

Rob Ida Concepts:    Rob Ida and Mike Urbanski (with us from the start) - headers, body,
        direct port nitrous manifold,  interior, paint, chassis, gauges & more.

Westech Automotive:    Norm Brandes and Jim Daley - Custom built bored\stroked
            engine, control systems, transmission and drivetrain consultant & more.

Wild Rides Race Cars:    Gene Giroud and Joe Danker - Custom chassis work, roll cage,
                 floor pan, fuel cell, turbo & it's cooling system layout, steering & more.

The Wiseguys:    And a special thanks to the pentastar brainiacs that are smart enough and
        interested enough to help us accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.