August 30, 2006
A month went by and more performance stuff got done on the Ram and Solstice than the M because
we're stuck marking time until we receive the new headgaskets.   We did receive the two PCMs a couple
of weeks ago and trust the 'first-ever' programming proves to be a cornerstone of performance
capability.   Thank you M and B, two godfathers of Mopar performance.

Also received a phone message this evening from Frank Harms of the Buhler Parts Dept.    He dutifully
advised a part was in for pickup.  And being a fan of pony cars, he wanted to remind me that "FORD"
stands for "First On Race Day".   Odd, I've always thought it stands for "Fails On Race Day".

                                          If you want to know the truth, mouse over Mr. Pony Car.

    Come to think of it, there's a little similarity between Mr. Pony Car and Frank.   Gotcha buddy  8 - )  

July 21, 2006
Where'd those three weeks go?   I know they contained a lot of work in other areas of life but at least
they also contained getting out to the Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals briefly to check out some others'
mods, meet with Jerry Danar from Freehold who successfully sold his GTX, trailer, and backup engine
to fund the order of a new Challenger, and meet up with Pete Veiga again who kindly set up our lodging
so we could work Sat & Sun on a HID conversion on the Ram (thanks again Pete).  Also had
encouraging news from Ida Automotive and Westech on forthcoming M developments.  BTW check out
the Sept. 06 issue of Hot Rod for a great article on Bob Ida's early drag racing days with a picture of his
"Hemi-Healy" launching and a picture of his SEMA Ford "Frightening" in another article.  The good
news from Westech is that it's looking very likely after several weeks of testing that no components will
need to be modded back there and we'll just switch to a revised custom head gasket here.  Another
week or so of WOT runs and pressure testing at Westech on a similar prototype engine should provide
the final proofing.

Last but not least, we were invited to what will hopefully be the inaugural summer open house / pig
roast / barbecue / car show on the adjoining properties of Wild Rides and M2 Racing/Simonek
Performance yesterday... dyno pulls in the lot, blown Quick 8 cars doing burnouts, great street rods and
plenty of food made for a very memorable night.  Thanks Gene, Ron, Mike R., and all present.    

June 27, 2006
The M got out of Wild Rides on 6/21 with everything worked out nicely and the headers returned from
Jet-Hot on 6/26.  I've currently got the M to work on the engine bay and cabin wiring.  Once I'm done,
dropping in the new engine will be on hold until we get word from Westech on whether the heads or
engine itself will be going back to implement changes indicated  to be necessary for our anticipated
range of boosted output (during their continued engine development testing).

June 10. 2006
The turbo and intercooler are mounted and much related to turbo oil and water supply, new
transmission cooling, and front strut modifications (for clearance for the larger slicks) figured out.   The
flanges from AGP had to be reordered because someone lost the order, they should be here 6/12.  The
connector for the Turbonetics water pump never did arrive.  The Spearco/Turbonetics pump was
bought through Summit, they couldn't get it.  AGP our primary Turbonetics supplier couldn't get it.  In
fact Turbonetics themselves couldn't get it, couldn't figure how they'd been selling them without it, and
the only engineer they had who might know was in China and unavailable.  The connection could of
been cobbled but it's designed for a proprietary snap lock water tight connector.  Summit wasn't at fault
at all yet gladly took the pump back for full credit.  A Meziere was gotten from Jegs that came with
mounting hardware, electrical connector, and fusing in 4 days.   BTW, I have had good dealings with
both Jegs and Summit,  but I have got to say that the quality of the sales and more so customer service
support at Jegs makes them the clear #1 choice of catalog sources to buy from - Good job guys!
The headers arrived at Jet-Hot in Mississippi and they called to suggest moving up from their 1300
degree Brilliant coating to their 2000 degree coating due to the setup being used and they should be
back shortly.  In the meantime new  developments related to the heads have come up at Westech and
we should hear this week if we'll be pulling the heads to send back for upgrading before dropping the
engine in.  Other than that we're doing pretty good getting stuff engineered into an LH platform car
that's never been done before and still look forward to being on the track this summer.

I also want to extend very special thanks to Pete Veiga in Virginia for all of his help along the way.  
Thinking about it today while reading information he emailed on how to best upgrade the headlighting
on the Ram to HID, he is the only other person to have worked on mechanical and electrical mods on
the 300M, Ram, and Pace Daytona hauler during trips up to NJ.  He's busy serving in the Navy, working
on a Masters, working on a new home, and modding the family ThunderRoad Ram and SRT Neon, and
still takes time to help out.  It's greatly appreciated Pete, thanks!         

May 18, 2006
Checked on the M today at Buhler Dodge and spoke with George (five star wrencher) and Darren
Buhler, co-owner of the very successful multi-brand multi-site dealership with his dad Don, who are
road course and drag racers in their own right.  Picked up the headers for re-coating, called
Turbonetics on the status of a missing electrical connector, and we're still waiting for delivery of turbo
flanges from AGP, but that won't keep us from picking up the M on the 26th for transfer over to Wild
Rides for Gene and Joe to craft some firewall and floor pan changes and other work.  After that it'll be
back to Buhler Dodge for George to drop the new engine in and we'll just keep going...

Also want to take a minute to provide props to Pete Moore in Indiana who's concurrently building out a
twin turbo 300M as a cool daily driver that'll no doubt be finished well ahead of ours.  We're
collaborating along the way and we certainly wish him luck with his project.