Issue #3, December 2003, pages 54 to 58

It seems like there has barely been a time since about mid 2002 that the M has been all together as it should be at that point.
Since the start of it's preparation for the 2003 nationals it has remained half apart, half as it was and half as it's going to be,
and the timing for this article was no exception.  The body and interior were intact but we were still wrestling with nitrous
solenoid inconsistencies, and more so at the track then on the dyno, but as it was there was enough torque with the slicks for
the engine to not only rock to the right but lift, and when it did a few of the polished stainless steel nitrous and fuel feed lines
would hit the underside of the hood.  When that continued at the Mopar Nationals event pictured, even with the block steel
cabled to the frame we had to forego the nitrous altogether.  Thankfully we still made it through six rounds of bracket racing
against small and big block V8 Mopar muscle cars and took the plaque and $750 payout.  At the time of the Hemmings
article we'd been on the dyno the day of the close of submissions for publication and had to call in the 305.1 HP after a dyno
pull when the solenoids worked correctly.  The next run brought a 310.4 but it was too late to make the article.  Our M was at
IDA Automotive for author Craig Fitzgerald's visit but we didn't get to meet him or John Tsimaras due to work obligations but
maybe we can get a followup article once we're finished and this time include a match race.  After all, Craig did say in a
picture caption on page 55, "Our publishing deadline prohibited us from finding out what the 300M ran (on the track) on
nitrous, but we promise to post the results as soon as the run is done." After the article, we upped our goals, gave up on the
nitrous, worked with Westech Automotive to get a custom bored and stroked engine built, a custom turbo system figured out,
and much more done and in the works.   Remembering back to what it was like in 2003 and getting to out of state events
brings back a lot of memories, but what we're now working towards eclipses that and brings hopes new magazine coverage.


  Page 57 photo caption, "Chrysler also has cool can bolted down on left side of trunk"       "cool can" should be fuel cell.
  Page 57 photo caption, "Battery and lightweight NOS tank take up trunk's
left side space"       "left" should be right.
  Page 57 text, "Released for sale in 1999..."       "1999" should be 1998.
  Page 57 text, "...says Deane, a former police detective..."       "detective" should be lieutenant.
  Page 58 text, "...that will take getting the bottom end down..."        "down" should be done.
  Page 58 text, "...Bogard billet race wheels..."        "Bogard" should be Bogart.